Do you choose cotton or pure cotton for home textile products?


So when choosing home textile products, should we choose pure cotton or pure cotton? In fact, the difference is not very big, because both are cotton products, which have the same advantages. Both use all natural cotton materials. Cotton can absorb water vapor in the air. When the temperature increases and the humidity increases, it will dissipate the water in the fiber to maintain the water balance of the bed. It has good moisture absorption, and it also has a certain degree of moisture retention because of its low thermal conductivity. The cotton bedding has no irritation when it contacts with human skin. It is harmless to human body after long use and is very healthy.
The main difference is the degree of shrinkage between the two. Everyone knows that cotton products will shrink to a certain extent after washing. Pure cotton will shrink a little more relatively, and its wrinkle resistance is not as good as that of cotton. Therefore, it is better to choose cotton products without considering the price factor.

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