How to clean pure cotton and cotton home textile products?


(1) You can choose hand washing or machine washing. Due to the poor elasticity of cotton fiber, you need to control the strength during hand washing and gently rub it to avoid fabric deformation. After washing, rinse it with cold water; If it is machine wash, choose rinse or gentle, dehydration should not be too long.
(2) Except for white fabrics, it is better not to use bleached detergent to avoid fading. It is recommended to soak light colored fabrics for 1-2 hours to have a good decontamination effect. Dark colored fabrics should be cleaned in time to avoid long-term soaking.
(3) Compared with washing powder, it is recommended to wash with soap or with cotton detergent, it is recommended to wash and change frequently in summer to avoid sweat residue.
(4) After washing and dehydration, it should be quickly leveled and dried to reduce wrinkles. At the same time, avoid exposure to the sun, and control the time at about 2 hours, so that the service life of the fabric is longer.

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